When does “Lookin’ good!” become sexual harassment?

I heard this morning that 20% of college female students are being sexually abused—not harassed—beyond that. The harassment subject needs to be discussed in families and most gatherings.

A charge of harassment has become the current nuclear word to bring down a person or organization. That is a bad trend that divides and destroys.
We showed up for a funeral a week early. The lady responded to my “You mean I got dressed up for nothing?” with, “But you look lovely.” I said in a non-provocative tone, “And so do you.” We were both right in our evaluations. But in another setting those affirming words could be interpreted as sexual harassment.

Carole and I had the discussion about what makes words harassing or affirming. Then this article by Dr. Michael Brown hit my screen. I think it makes sense. Perhaps it will help you sort out the issue. https://askdrbrown.org/library/low-cut-tops-sexual-harassment-and-bill-o%E2%80%99reilly

I would like to hear your opinion, if you care to share it with me or my readers. Thanks.

©2017 D. Dean Benton dean@deanbenton.org

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