I am the husband of one, father of two and grandfather of three. My heart music is primarily good Southern Gospel. My music tastes are eclectic. I demand music with great harmony and a meaningful message. I like words. I am a pastor, author of print books and ebooks, seminar teacher, blogger and a scarred Chicago Cub fan. I want you to enjoy my writing–I deal with rejection poorly.

My passion is learning, healing, encouragement and sharing the process. I am fascinated by marketing, and the ways people get broken and then by their stories as they are healed.

Malcom Gladwell introduced us to “Market Mavens.” Maven is a Yiddish word meaning “one who accumulates knowledge.” It is knowledge like knowing where the bathrooms are or what coffee is on sale or what flavor to try at Starbucks.  A cardinal sin for a maven is keep the knowledge to one’s self. Gotta tell people.

I am a maven of sorts. I want you to benefit from what I just heard, read or discovered. Everyone has the right to know what I’m thinking and within bounds, what I’m feeling. I believe you will benefit by hearing and reading my words.

My books are about: Family, marriage; Recovery; Kids and divorce; Managing anger, stress, anxiety, hope, destiny; Hearing and following God’s voice.


People developed, Hurts healed, Hope restored, Lives invested


To use writing, seminars, conversations to stimulate readers and participants to dream the God-given dream, establish life-purpose and establish place of gifted effectiveness.


Embracing, Encouraging, Equipping, Empowering.


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