Cup Cake Testing

A family of bakers in the “old country” (I don’t know which one) was so broke they could not buy adequate ingredients to bake their cakes. They had enough money to buy small portions to bake a few cupcakes. The family guarded the recipe and passed it to children who came to America. Years later, a granddaughter, who treasured the cupcake recipe, opened a cupcake shop which is flourishing.

The granddaughter’s husband quit his corporate job to join his wife operating the cupcake store. It is the post Great Recession story. By 2020, 40-50% of the American workforce will be freelancers. By 2030 the projection is the majority will be. Personal branding and launching are buzz words as more people become entrepreneurs.

There is a trend of having cupcakes at weddings instead of or in addition to cakes. That family is positioned perfectly. This is a true story. Our grandson works in that shop—but is not trusted with the recipe—no one is, not even their red dog named Duke.

Being able to create alternative plans is a precious skill. Expanding options is ignited by developing curiosity and unquenchable desire to learn and knowing what to do with reverses, rejection, refusals and blockages.

Seth Godin’s blog capsulates the marketing challenges for the blogger, every creative and cupcake baker:

  1. Who are you trying to reach? (Everyone is the wrong answer.)
  2. How will they become aware of what you have to offer?
  3. What story are you telling/living/spreading?

Whether you are starting a new coffee shop or trying to expand your church, those three questions must be answered. The tighter and more researched the answer, the more apt you will get to sell your widget, whether it is something to read or wear or eat.

Marketing is story telling.

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©2015 D. Dean Benton

Writer, Wonderer, Cupcake taster

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