Things I Should Have Learned Earlier

The singer is back.

Last season, a little bird with a beautiful voice moved his wife into a birdhouse outside our window. They filled it with twigs, branches and logs and then never lived in it. The two birds abandoned their home. They never came back. In the early winter, I opened the back door of the bird house and sadly cleaned out the house. Perhaps a new family would move in.

We were stunned last evening to see that little bird fly into the house, look around and then step out onto a branch to make remarks to the neighborhood. Our window was closed, the A/C was running, so I didn’t hear the song or comments. I could see its beak moving and he looked bewildered. I think he was questioning who emptied his house.

I don’t know this as a fact, but it seemed right. You ornithologists will know more. I think the bird made plans last year for his housing needs for the summer of 2015. I’m not making this up. I seemed to know what was going on with that bird—someone trashed his house and he was protesting—what kind of a neighborhood is this? Carole questioned me about birds using second-hand bedding. She didn’t have a better explanation.

Another skill to add to our personal tool box: the ability and habit of planning ahead and creating margin. Who plans for next season? Who builds margin into everyday life? The unstressed, people with active Planners and those of us who don’t spend our best moments looking for keys, lists, files and the cat who has to be under one of these piles of documents on my desk.

Repeating. Important habits and skills: Planning for the next season and building margin. A couple of helpful older books: Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald  and Margin by Richard A Swanson, M.D.

If you have an idea about the strange habits of the little bird, I’m listening.

©2015 D. Dean Benton

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