Facebook has built a building across I-80 from Adventure Land. It cost $300 million dollars. The reporter did not know if that included the cost of hardware. Yahoo built a building in West Des Moines at the cost of $1 billion. Inside of those two buildings are rows of servers. Facebook will add 80 jobs to the Des Moines’ workforce in the building which I’m guessing is the size of 5-8 football fields.

On the other side of I-80 one or two miles west is a large “carriage” house. If I hadn’t just wept my way through the sale of my aunt and uncles house which came into the family in the mid-late 1930s for the purpose of being a sanctuary or a family resource that, carriage house would not have elicited the same kind of response.

I was up at 3:45. Distressed over yesterday—listened to Mike Murdock. He said, “Your seed will determine your next season.” I’m wondering what seed I did not plant or what/where I’m to invest the seed to bring about a harvest. Is that what the breakthrough is waiting for?

A building full of servers—a building where we build and maintain servers. A building constructed and manned as a sanctuary and resource.

Greenfield, Iowa is southwest of Des Moines about 50 miles. On highway 25 between I-80 and Greenfield is a huge barn that has been falling down as long as I can remember—that may be decades. The owners have built a new house a few yards away, but have done nothing about that old barn. I think a front-end loader on the tractor would push the building over.

My mind and life has been full of buildings in recent months. I had an emotional connection with that barn. I have a faith connection with the carriage house. It represents vision and instructing gifted people to be servers—in the area of their giftedness and anointing.



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