Pretty, But Not Even Close

Usually, I have one or two books on Some of the prices are amusing. My book, “Gospel With Racing Stripes” (1976) is a glancing look at the Gospel According to Mark. It was not ready to go to press. I’ve always been slightly embarrassed about that book. One of the Amazon book stores had $78 marked on it. It must have sold because it isn’t on the list anymore.

I checked a couple of days ago. I had five titles for sale. It was a listing of my first four books and Mosquito Park Secrets—How to Live Outrageously Happy and Healthy. It is the description that captured me:

“This is a pretty book. An old fashioned study of child psychology.”

What? Really? It is, in fact, my interaction with the Fruit of the Spirit after heart surgery. Intrigue does not end there. The cover on the display copy is different. The real cover has a shot of me in Mosquito Park looking at the Mississippi River—it is a great photo. But the Amazon cover deleted the river and me and has the title and my name.

What’s going on here? If they had a thousand copies, then they might pay a graphics artist big bucks for a new cover. They have five copies available nation-wide. Where is the cost-effective ratio on that? My wife thinks someone has swiped my name and title and the content has been altered.

It is a pretty book. Cover and content. The Pulitzer people have not been in touch, so I have no delusions, but it is a good read and instructive—Outrageously Happy & Healthy.

If it turns out that some mad psychiatrist has hijacked my title and name, I’ll let you know. I hope the dude finds my name to be commercially successful.

We are using my latest book, On My Family Watch, in our Month of May seminars. We are letting Galatians 5 deal with us—how to walk and live in the Spirit given that the cultural atmosphere is heavy with “deeds of the flesh.” In short-hand terms, the deeds of the flesh are: unhealthy sex, unhealthy religion, unhealthy emotions, unhealthy addictions. Until we deal with the deeds, the Fruit will not blossom into harvest.

If the goal of day to day personal experience is The Fruit of the Spirit, then who and what will you furnish your life with that will grow love, joy, peace, patience…? I offer several suggestions in On My Family Watch. 

In last evening’s session we found anecdotal evidence–people told us examples–of need for at least one: 

  • Provider
  • Priest
  • Partner
  • Protector 

Follow this link to the ebook store. There is a sample for you to read to see if the book will be helpful and/or interesting. Thanks for checking it out. (Make sure the right cover is shown. It has a picture of my Grandmother’s watch.)

 ©2014 D. Dean Benton

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