Water. Trees. Leaves.

The words from Revelation 22:1-2 have hung in my soul space for three weeks.

Then the angel showed me a river with the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. It flowed down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations.”

I admit my lack of expertise in the End Times. I have avoided Revelation out of concern of misinterpreting it and misapplying it. This book in the Bible is not a collection of revelations about the unknown. It is rather The Revelation of Jesus Christ as He accompanies us through the restructuring of the world and establishing The New Earth and the New Jerusalem. For whatever value it has, the chapter heading/title is “New Jerusalem” which was inserted by a group of editors. That title tells us where and when this incident with the angel and Apostle John visioned it happening: Post-establishment of The New.

Part of our family is vacationing in Guam today. That seems extremely odd to me, though they really like the place. All I can think of is how bloody its history during WW2. In my mind that island never moved beyond the fighting and devastation. I have to keep reminding myself that our family is not in Ukraine.

I have tried to figure out Putin’s motivation, listening to lots of news and opinions. Neither have I figured out how or if Ukraine figures into biblical prophecy, although Russia seems to be connected to the Bible prophecies of Gog and Magog.

I listened to Andy Andrews’ podcast this morning with his guest Joe Savage who is the director of the largest rescue ministries in Eastern Europe. https://andyandrews.com/roads-of-hope/   100,000 orphans in Ukraine and for those who are trafficked—and that business is brisk along the borders among the refugees. Sexual and slave labor trafficking! Half of those orphaned kids will be dead before they reach twenty years old.

We watched the news during supper tonight. My lettuce did not want to be swallowed! Nor did anything. The word “corruption” defines so much of that nation. At the same time, the arts are alive with music. Loyalty, patriotism, and courage are capturing headlines and social media videos.

I have a young acquaintance whose adopted grandparents are close friends. He spent several years in a Russian orphanage. I have generally avoided the Baltic, Balkan and Slavic Nations. They seemed so far away and so very different than me. But there is that young man whose wounds have been touched by Jesus. It doesn’t seem so far away, now. Two years ago, we were on a work trip listening to Glenn Beck talking about Hunter Biden and corruption in Ukraine. The Slavic Nations became part of our personal and national conversations. CORRUPTION!

To Revelation 22:1-2:

That river fascinates me. Does it flow in a median? Is it The River of Life? The headwaters are at the Throne of God and the slain but resurrected and enthroned lamb. Will we swim in that river?

Trees on each side of the turnpike which yield a fresh crop each month. How many trees per city block or rural mile? Is there any connection with the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden? Is the eternal assignment of that tree in the garden revealed in Revelation 22? The Creator has always been into fruit and orchards. I heard recently that there are so many kinds and types of apples that if you ate a new variety each week, it would take you 20 years to get to the bottom of the peck. But it is the leaves that John the Revelator tells us about. Water, trees, leaves.

Here is the point of the revelation:

“The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations.”

If, historically, this event happens in the latter stages of The End Times or in The New Times, what are the nations? Which nations? In the Reign and Rule of God’s Kingdom, are we to understand there are still nations? Nation states? Sheep nations and goat nations? If this is “historically” after the Rapture of the Ekklesia and the Revelation of Christ, why would those nations need to be healed?

What kind of trees are they? What is the substance in the leaves that heals nations?

Back to World, 2022.

I think each nation has powerful exceptionalism and treasures—natural and human. Yet those treasures are damaged and destroyed by what God calls sin. Every nation needs the healing Apostle John describes.

I’ve been wondering if God wants to turn on the spigot, plant trees and harvest leaves. The news people keep telling us there are nations that need to be healed.

Please, Father. Heal our nation. And Russia. China. Ukraine. Portugal. Ethiopia. All of the nations. And those who hurt and cry.

©2022 D. Dean Benton

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