Receive and Steward Your Future

An International preacher/teacher received a vision which he shared with his partners. A leader, pastor and close friend affirmed the message:

“This is your future

This is your vision

This is your assignment”

The words of that friend dovetails with “God speaking a word into you” or a person speaking a word “over you.” The agent is often someone with authority (to you) who affirms what God has already highlighted in your heart or mind. It may be someone saying or intentionally “speaking” something to you that you’ve hardly given a thought, but something is sparked or ignited in you.

You know that a negative word spoken over or into someone is crippling. A prophet (Office of prophet or an informal statement) can underscore or empower people onto a Kingdom trajectory.

When Apostle Paul says, “I wish that you would all prophesy,” (I Corinthians 14:5), he is not hoping that every person would predict the future, but Jesus followers would speak or affirm a person’s future.

I have spoken words like that to many and absolutely always want to do it more. I only remember saying prophetic words in a public event once. I stopped preaching and spoke over a friend. He has been in trouble with the law and in relationships ever since. I don’t regret speaking. But I could have gotten it wrong. That raises an important element in this discussion: receiving and stewardship. The first step is for the person hearing the statement to consider if the Holy Spirit is saying the same thing to him or her. What are others saying? (Be careful here. It is your vision.)

Pastor Bill Johnston says:

“…being prepared to receive and steward the fulfillment of our promises.”  

From a digital employment application: “You must sign this document to officially accept our offer.”

The two words “receive and steward” lit up centers of my brain and soul in a manner that had not been before. “I accept that, I receive that!” Stewarding is personal preparation to cooperate with God’s plan. It is your future, your vision, your assignment. If so, what must you do to prepare? Luck most often comes to those who are prepared.

One of his peers spoke to him about an issue Johnson had been seeking God to clarify. Johnson tells us how he responded:

“I took that word, wrote it down, and began to declare it over my life regularly.”

Page 144 Strengthen Yourself in the Lord, Destiny Image Press 2007)

Johnson was faithful in pursuing that prophetic word for ten years. It is fully operational today.

Receiving and stewarding:

“So how do we steward what’s been given to us? We use the tools we’ve been given to contend for the promises and desires that God has birthed in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.” (Johnson)

Perhaps, the man over whom I spoke, didn’t receive the message, did not pursue the message or did not contend with negative human voices or with the devil who stole, killed, destroyed (John 10:10).

Lots of in-house language in this post. I will clarify and talk more to your questions.

Consider, Discern, Receive, Steward, Contend, Declare.

©2020 D. Dean Benton—writer, wonderer, witness

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