Do I Need to apologize? I’m white.

The link below was a “hot” Twitter post today among some of the Christian writers and others—some whom I read. I didn’t understand much of what he was saying and sensed I wouldn’t like the implications, nuance or code words. His punch line was an appeal for the white to respond so we could let go of our whiteness.  I’m not ready to confess that I am a participant in any mass killings or agree that The President is just a manifestation of “our” ugliness. I reject that we people of pallor living in this house believe we are superior in any way. The Bible, God, Declaration of Independence all declare: “…created equal.”

“This is us. Trump is the manifestation of the evil that is in all of us.”

The Left presidential seekers stirred me this morning. They know how to swear and curse:

“Jesus Christ! Trump is a racist!”

“Trump is a piece of shit.” Those for starters.

What makes those candidates think the standard they are setting on how to speak of and speak to and treat a President of the United States will not be applied to them if they are elected?


When Charlottesville was heating, I wondered what I would feel if a busload of folks from Calhoun, Georgia or someplace in Mississippi came to our town to tear down the statue of John Coarse and rip up the street named in his honor—which is three blocks from our house. There is even a school named after him—what if they came to burn it?

John Murray Corse was an American politician and soldier who served as a general in the Union Army in the American Civil War. He was a staff officer during the liberation of the Upper Mississippi, and then served in the front line at Corinth and Vicksburg, being promoted to brigadier general. He is chiefly remembered for his stubborn defense of the Allatoona Pass against superior numbers, despite being seriously wounded.

I was wondering about the Charlottesville people who were not anti-Union, or pro-Confederacy and were not siding with supremacists. They just didn’t want people from out-of-town coming into their property to tell them who could be their hero or what park they could gather in Sunday for a picnic.

I thought President Trump was right when he said there were some good/fine people on both sides. An article today justified my thinking process. Which both sides?

Trump never said that the neo-Nazis were “very nice people.” Perhaps you’ve noticed that once a story is told by the press, it is repeated as fact no matter how many times it is dis-proven.

Mr. O’Roark: If you will not speak my Lord Jesus Christ’s name in prayer in the public square, I’m going to insist you cease and desist using my Lord’s Name to curse the President of the United States on the WWW.

©2019 D. Dean Benton

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