Last Minute Gift List

I’ve made my want list and I’ve checked it twice. I want for Christmas 2018:

  1. A blue 1956-1960 Ford pickup. Red is the currently hot marketing color for pickups. If red is all you can find, that will work, but blue would match my eyes.
  2. A dog. I need a dog to ride with me in my new pickup.
  3. A 2-story log lodge—about 6000 square feet.

A log lodge has been on my list for several decades. Someone has not been listening! A Wall Street Journal (12-12-18) article says Baby Boomers are aging as the loneliest generation ever. Senator Ben Sasse quotes a study in his book, The Vanishing American Adult, that Millenials experience their turmoil as loneliness.

A building does not guarantee a community, but it can help.

I’m also thinking about my wish list for you.

  1. A copy of Ben Sasse’ book and desire to talk about the forecast Kingdom.
  2. Commitment to regularly interact with, worship with, eat lunch and drink coffee with a diverse group of ages and ethnics. In 1972, I suggested to a struggling Baptist church they replace pews with tables and chairs. They rejected my wisdom. I have since learned that the word “preaching” pictures the audience sitting around tables. We could use the log lodge.
  3. When you come to the lodge or our house you will experience God’s presence. Emmanuel is still His modus operandi.

Merry Christmas—An intentional New Year

©2018 D. Dean Benton—writer, wonderer, worshiper, witness

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