Do you ever listen to Joel Osteen with both ears and wonder if he is smoking weed? Can what he says really be true? Of course I believe it can and he is not growing illegal stuff in his basement. But, when he finishes his message, I often think, that’s not where I usually live.


We receive a variety of blogs and daily articles including what prophets are hearing. This came from Doug Addison:

I keep seeing storehouses in Heaven with our names on them. For every time that you have given, prayed or reached out to the Lord and have not seen a return or response—the answers to your requests were actually being placed into a storehouse in Heaven for you. There was never a time that God did not respond to your prayers. The fact that you did not see the answer come to Earth does not mean that He did not respond… Starting in December you are going to see your storehouse begin to open over you.

I was writing in one of my new books called It Is Today! During the previous night, I heard one word in the quiet: “Organize.” Now there is a section in the book about “How life gets organized.” It is easy to organize our lives around our wounds. I took a break from writing to check my Facebook incoming and one of my friends posted those words close enough to make me think she had been visiting my dreams or revelations. Perhaps plagiarism?

Stephen Mansfield writing :

“I believe most men make peace with their defects. They accept their flaws as simply the way they are, and so they never declare war on those parts of themselves that keep them from exceptional lives. Mediocrity becomes their lot in life; getting by their only hope.

“The question we all face is not whether or not we have defects. We do. Every one of us. The question is whether we are capable of envisioning a life defined by forces greater than the weight of our flaws. The moment we can—the moment we can envision a life beyond more mere compromise with our deformities—that is the moment we take the first step to weighty lives.

“…always a work in progress. They don’t despair. They don’t settle. They don’t expect perfection of themselves. They understand that these destinies are fashioned in a man’s struggle against the enemies of his soul.”

(Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, Thomas Nelson, 2015)

Have you calculated “flaws” that you organize life around are enemies of your soul? How about organizing life to put yourself in position to receive Heaven’s storehouse open for you?  I have a couple of suggestions.

©2016 D. Dean Benton

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