Dog Day Devotions

Kona is a 70 pound Goldendoodle: Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever. She has secondary life goals. Currently, her number one goal is to catch that nasty squirrel. The squirrel totally grasps the safety of doors and screens. The squirrel does not taunt the dog, just does what the dog finds irritating like standing on the lawn between the window and the bird feeder.

That dog is never going to catch the squirrel. She doesn’t know how to tiptoe or to be quiet. Kona talks me into lettering her out and hits the porch like a tank which alerts the rodent before the lumbering dog gets the corner turned. By the time the dog reaches ground zero her enemy is sunbathing up in the tree. The dog spends a lot of time praying to the tree or looking up into the trees or watching the squirrel walking the high wire power lines.

The dog and I were sitting outside on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I was reading and the dog had her long nose pointed to the sky—either looking for Jesus’ return or trying to pray that rodent off the branch. I’ve tried to explain to the white non-flash that she is wasting her time—chasing a squirrel uses lots of energy, but is not accomplishing anything. She gives me that look that my kids/grandkids used to give me: “You just don’t get it, do you?”

Lord, help me to recognize the uncatchable.


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