A fourth building has been opened to accommodate the overflow at Asbury University. The “Asbury Revival,” as it is called begins its second week of non-stop 24/7 worship, prayer, praise. News networks and social media are broadcasting updates. Our Wilmore friend, who lives just a few blocks from Hughes Auditorium, sends us personal notes and videos with all the power and dynamics of reports from the front.

I’ve been wondering how a person without a reference point of a “revival” or “awakening” responds to what is happening at Asbury, Cedarville, Lee College and other colleges and Universities.

Descriptive words and phrases wouldn’t be much help. “The move of God,” has dynamic meaning for “insiders.” The Asbury event is looking more and more like a “move of God.” That phrase indicates a genuine recognition and personal renewal is touching several, many or community-wide awareness and participation in repentance, confession, prayers, intercessions, testimonies and declaration. I think this is a Move of God because it is an organic, totally unplanned, with no one in charge, but a group of students dedicated to humility, openness, Sovereignty of God, focus on Jesus the Christ and leadership of Holy Spirit.

Awakenings of individuals or crowds is surrounded by the acute awareness and response to “The Presence of God.” A seminary professor identified how he experienced the presence. He had been in the Asbury Hughes auditorium and atmosphere about ten-seconds when he says he became aware how relaxed he was.

The Toronto Blessing that began in 1994, was visited by contagious laughter. I sense the Asbury Revival 2023 will be known as the revival/renewal/awakening where peace and relaxation and stress-healings were experienced.

Revivals/ Renewals/ Awakenings are Kingdom events.

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of (rules), but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, (Romans 14:17).

If you have no reference point, we listened to/ viewed a fine podcast-conversation between a Presbyterian pastor in Lexington, Ky., and a podcaster in Great Britain. I’ve watched a dozen news shots from local and national networks, including Tucker Carlson with observations and videos. The link I enclose is the best observation about what is happening and the concerns that I’ve seen.

We are touched by our distant observance and praying.

(c)2023 D. Dean Benton

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