Adjust To Taste

A Catholic priest used the wrong word and now thousands of baptisms are considered invalid. He said, “We baptize” rather than “I baptize.” He has resigned. That threw me into semi-panic mode. How many “wrong” words have I used? Does that mean all the weddings, funerals, baptisms, counseling sessions and conversations at the coffee tables are invalid?

I follow Amber Benson on Twitter. She is professor of marketing at Southern Methodist University. She identifies as a Pentecostal. She tweets a lot and has a keen inner eye. She is a Bible student. After hearing about the above priest, she quoted Romans 8:26.

“And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words” (TLB).

It’s been a morning! I have listened to a Dr. Jordan Peterson podcast, (, Dutch Sheets (“Give Him Fifteen” on YouTube—2-16-22), and Ms. Benson. They all said that the Gospel of Jesus is more than words. Apostle Paul has some things to say about this.

In recent months my coffee drinking has not been pleasant. Nothing has tasted good or right, the way it is supposed to taste. We’ve tried different brands  and then take it to the basement pantry where it is dark and cool and out of sight. Where has the aroma gone?

I don’t need a coffee fix therefore I seldom drink convenience store or fast-food coffee. One of the reasons I drink flavored is to cover the taste of brands that disappoint me. A few days ago, I brewed a pot and Carole said it smelled like “old coffee that has been sitting in the pot.” It did. You can be critical of my preaching, singing, writing or me personally and I might agree, but to a negative remark about my coffee hurts my feelings. Got to fix it.

I decided to revert to a glass pot Mr. Coffee. Coffee maker shopping revealed a new marketing tool. Most of the coffee makers now advertise a “strong brew” button. I’m not into strong or darker tasting, as in the burned taste approach.

I need to get this right.

My idea was to brew the coffee in a new maker and then store the fresh coffee in a thermal carafe to keep the taste and aroma appealingly fresh. I carefully read the instructions. I’ve been brewing and drinking coffee since I was about ten when my mother became a café owner, but something has gone wrong.

I found that a “cup” is now five ounces rather than the six I’ve been thinking is standard. I also discovered, according to the Mr. Coffee instruction booklet, there is a difference between teaspoon and tablespoon when measuring coffee to put in the basket. I may have been using the wrong tool to measure. I’m told to use one tablespoon for each 5-oz cup. Wow! That seems like a lot! Every nerve in my body will be on militant alert. Mr. Coffee says to adjust to taste.

Our coffee drawer has more brands and flavors than Walmart. There is also vanilla extract, mint flavoring, salt, and spoons of varying sizes. There is the possibility—I’m still experimenting—I’ve been using the wrong measurements and measuring devices.

I don’t know who told that priest that getting the words exact was the most important measurement. Did the priest or his superiors ask those who were baptized? Did it take? How would they know—what criteria?

The Twelve explained to Jesus that they had watched him caste out demons. The demons left! But when they tried the demon wouldn’t leave. The chance is that the disciples asked, “What words do you use, that we don’t?”

The Kingdom doesn’t depend on us “getting the words right.” Mercifully. There is grace and Holy Spirit!

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power (1 Corinthians 4).

With the publication of my ebooks Seizin’ the Season, Mining for Reality & Reason, and Carafe Conspiracy, I’m seeing I’ve been writing about getting the mix right and using the most beneficial and measuring tools.

©2022 D. Dean Benton

Seizin’ the Season

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