Perhaps the preachers I listen to get together to compare notes. The weekend message was/continues to be, restoration.
Monday morning a guest on Wild at Heart podcast described an acquaintance who “fought for my heart.” (Sounds like a John Eldredge phrase.) What does “fighting for my heart” look like?
One of my preacher/teachers has been preaching through the book of Job. Yesterday he finished the series with chapter forty-two. Job’s 3-4 friends sure didn’t fight for his heart! God’s acceptance and embrace restored what Job had lost in the battle of good vs. evil. I’m also thinking about restoration of what we never had in hand, but God wanted for us.
Our ministry has news of a man whose resume includes prison, drugs, emotional needs and a family populating the road to hell. This man needs a restoration of what he never had and cannot build alone. The young man approaches being a Seeker. He needs someone to fight for his heart—someone who will walk beside him during his anxious days and pour into him God’s acceptance and the Good News—redemption and restoration—which I define in these terms:
Embrace, Encourage, Equip, Empower, Heal, Launch.
“Pray ye (literal translation: ‘ hey you, YE, yes, you’) that the Lord of the harvest will send workers into the field” (Matthew 9:38).
Restoration—Bringin’ It!
©2021 D. Dean Benton
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