Sounds Like a Plan

It is easy to find a conspiracy even in a cotton ball. I’m wondering if  shutting Thanksgiving down has global implication. Probably not. If someone could pull it off, it would have spiritual and mental health negative impact. Gratitude is an essential expression.

Thanksgiving has not been “shut down.” Turkey Day has been limited.

Listening to a singer telling a story of God’s provision for his growing up family, I realized what I want Thanksgiving to be: a testimony meeting as people share God’s provision that stimulates us to sing thanks, lift praise, worship and express joy. Thanksgiving 20/20—repeating 2 Chronicles 20:20—singing in the high-priced section.

Encourage one another with these words (1 Thessalonians 4).

Thanksgiving 2020 needs to be a mental-health, self-care day by hearing the exploits of God in lives of people who have a place at our inner table. Zoom, Face-time, Skype, Facebook, Parlor. No masks required on email. Yet.

“When the days are dreary and the long nights weary, I know that Jesus cares.”

Happy Thanks Giving

Benton—Dean & Carole

©2020 D. Dean Benton

1 thought on “Sounds Like a Plan

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you, as well! Thank you, as always, for your encouraging and challenging words!

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