Think Again

A little help here: “If there ever was a…,” or “If there ever were a…”?

Today “…think on these things…whatever things are true.” Decide what is true and then ask five people if they agree.

Andy Andrews’ tag line for his podcast is something like, “We go past true all the way to Truth.” Solomon attempted to give us one-liners of true in Proverbs. I’m not asking you about Truth, I’m asking what you believe to be true. If you are looking for “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” don’t expect it from headline writers. Headlines tend to be nothing but click bait.

If the hoped for end result of your thinking is God’s presence and God’s peace (Philippians 4) “true” must be determined—maybe not the whole truth, but just true.

Do you know the story of the Sunday school boy who answered his teacher, “The real answer is ‘squirrel,’ but you want me to say ‘Jesus.’” Attempting to avoid those kinds of questions, I want to say that Jesus’ Truth influences-defines all things true. What will you decide today is true about the election? Will that produce peace in your mind-emotions-actions?

While Truth is not up for debate, all things true can be pretty subjective. For Christians, nothing can be true that contradicts Jesus Truth. Jesus Truth is not about banana cream pie in the freezer. It is about how that Truth shepherds us through our time on earth. Earth true is important—Jesus insists we seek eternal Truth—that which rust, dust, moth, inflation or headlines can change and to know what is true and act accordingly.

I’m pondering today if Jesus would apply this equation: If following your selection of true produces God’s presence and God’s peace then think on it. If it produces different fruit, then think again.

Moving plants from the lawn to my office is done. About 10 days ago. Part of true about my favorite plant is that it wants to be in a window and it will grow toward the light. Several shoots have grown about an inch per day as it reaches for light. A manifestation of true.

©2020 D. Dean Benton

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