Pondering Beyond 11-3-20

There is life beyond the election. It is not going to be, however, like it used to be. Post-election and post-Covid is yet to be determined. The visionaries, futurists (Bible calls them prophets) and the people committed to work (see Nehemiah) will determine.

The Church of Jesus Christ has sought to “turn from our wicked ways.” I’m concerned that in that heavy-duty pursuit we may have concluded we will never repent enough or find the one sin we forgot and therefore disqualify us from God’s healing. God’s mercy outweighs the demands of earthly gods who can never be assuaged or convinced. The Founding Fathers were not saying in the Declaration or Constitution that they were a perfect, sinless group we were to emulate. They sat before us America’s permanent goals and pursuit—“with liberty & justice for all.

Lou Engel tells this story about William Wilberforce. Wilberforce worked legislatively for decades to abolish slavery in Great Britain. Several years before he won the battle, he lacked four votes in Parliament to pass the bill to abolish. The four politicians chose to not vote and went to an opera instead.

Wilberforce observed how four votes would have made the difference in many deaths, suffering and subjugation.

“I hope you enjoyed the opera.”

I’ve been wondering how to nurture myself in the days when there are no phone calls from the DNC or RNC and no polls. I’m going to miss the slick political ads filling my mail box. (Really gonna miss those people!)

I was putting newly released books on the shelf. I usually ask people who have their phone in hand and a list if there is something I can help them find. Which makes my wife laugh because I can’t find anything in the fridge that is not on the front of the shelf.

“No, I’m just looking.” She said and then picked up a specific book with the word “Disloyalty” in the title. She said something that spurred me to say, “I think disloyalty is the darkest of words….” She accusingly responded, “You’re not a Republican, are you?” For a moment I felt the heat of a fire in a court yard. I laughed and said, “I think of myself as an Independent…a little right of center.” She said, “Thank God!”

I got the feeling from this well-dressed and well-educated lady’s words, and the way she looked at me, that I could have said, “No, but I am a rapist and I drown puppies,” and it would not have fazed her. Here she was in the book department praising God that at least, I’m not a Republican.

I am a Conservative a little right of center. I’m comfortable with a definition I’ve adapted:

“Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change. I believe that certain things, attitudes and values are worth conserving and are the best base upon which to teach history while enabling people to think creatively and equipping to innovate.”

Ponderings. I do not think that Amy Coney Barrett was nominated primarily to take down Roe v Wade. She is not a one-issue justice. Sixty-million-plus babies dead is beyond ability to grasp. If Roe v Wade were to be overturned, we are left with what will take its place? A Supreme Court ruling will not change the minds of people who desire to exercise their “choice.” I certainly do not want the “back alley” scenario to return. Rather than “old normal” I look forward to a better way.

I think Trey Gowdy is a good example of a Conservative. He is passionate, a celebrator of truth and a welcomer of diverse discussion. His new book, Doesn’t Hurt to Ask, is about an open, honest, common sense life. I come away from his weekly podcasts having learned something and being challenged. “Tuesdays with Trey.” This week’s topic is “Flirting with Absurdity.” Last week he talked about Presidential debates: The people the candidates seek to serve deserve better. He has an interesting plan.


Dr. Lance Wallnau is a mentor, futurist and thinker. He is a conservative linked to contrarianism. He is a humorist who sounds like Jackie Mason, and communicates best with a white board within reach. I’ve been reading his new book, God’s Chaos Code. He helps me understand what our cultural upheaval is about. He was the first to identify Donald Trump as a Cyrus Leader (Isaiah 45), but his primary devotion is to God’s Kingdom and teaches about “discipling nations”—Jesus words. His is an important voice for our day.

Christians who seek to consider what a tomorrow America could look like will benefit by reading and talking about God’s Chaos Code. Paperback available from Amazon. The ideas need to be discussed in a small group as we consider post-Nov 3. The Left has a massively funded agenda. The Right has an agenda. God’s biblical Kingdom has an agenda which leans neither direction. The Kingdom’s agenda is righteousness.

I want another word without the baggage. I understand righteousness to be, “The manner of living that glorifies God. To live aligned with grace, mercy and Jesus’ Great Commandment to ‘love God and your neighbor as yourself.’ Both Old and New Testaments declare God’s design as ‘liberty and justice for all.’” Wallnau helps us personalize and globalize righteousness.

The opera is not worth the cost.

©2020 D. Dean Benton

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