Potpourri @ Rats, Elves,Guerrilla MBA

Want to know how to get a rat addicted to cocaine? Dr. Jordan Peterson knows. He says rats are family oriented and have assignments to fulfill. One of Peterson’s peers says rats play with their siblings and will laugh. She found the rat would laugh when she tickled him/her on the belly with a pencil armed with a green eraser. The laughter is discernable when the recorded interaction is slowed a bit.

Rats are too busy and occupied to mess with drugs unless they are isolated from their pack, swarm or the official name for a rat group—Mischief.

Dr. Peterson sees news for humans in that rodent’s experience and warning.

Are you acquainted with “Elf on the Shelf”? Chanda Bell is the primary creator of the book and with her husband, mother, sister and brother built a huge business. If you are an entrepreneur, have family members interested in business, a podcast from Donald Miller Storybrand is inspirational and helpful at an MBA level wrapped in laughter:


The capsule of Ms. Bell’s mission and how the family went from zero expertise to…

When Chanda Bell’s family sold 5,000 units of the “Elf on the Shelf” book and doll in its first season in 2005, they knew they were onto something. With 11 million elves now in homes around the world, they were right. But that success didn’t happen overnight. Hear on the podcast how this family bootstrapped their beloved family tradition into a cultural phenomenon without the help of publishers and corporations — and what we can learn from their enduring success and unique company culture. If Chanda and her family can do this with a fictional story, imagine what you can do with yours. Listen now!

Rats, elves, family rituals have been part of soul poking related to purpose and calling. I’m working on “Seizin’ the Season” again. Using Psalm 37 as biblical base with Ruth and Naomi as guest personalities.

Thought you would want to know.

©2019  D. Dean Benton      Writer and Wonderer


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