Guiding Umbrellas

We’ve been to Thanksgiving 2018. It’s good. Ten around our table for food and conversation. The food got cold, but the conversation was warm. Three hours of talk, laughter and contemplation. I carried away about 4 new pounds and a ton of inspiration and instruction.

Two of my teachers and models, Donald Miller and Andy Stanley, sat at a studio table for podcast conversation. Miller interviewed Andy and then Andy interviewed Miller for his podcast.

Miller and Stanley’s podcasts are about leadership, but they are much broader and this one for sure.

Donald Miller tells about leaving Nashville after a heated discussion with his fiancé to lead a conference in Oregon. During his prep time before the conference he determined the umbrella guiding purpose of their marriage was to be restorative. When his wife came home from work, his assignment was to be an agent of restoration—a facilitator of what she needed to be restored.

They have no children. They are now building a home with 18 beds to house people who need to be restored.

You may want to engage the entire podcast: Donald Miller Building A Story Brand Podcast 123

Type into the search engine. It will open to podcast page. Number five of options is this podcast. Click on that and you’re in.

How about building a franchise of restorative houses? A meta-approach to church.

With fork and journal in hand.

©2018 D. Dean Benton

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