What I’ve Heard this Morning

1. Research shows the best thing that a father can do for his son: Hang out with him. It is during the hanging out time that values & virtues are shared and teaching moments occur. The kid learns he is important and valued. The kid learns that what he thinks and wants to do is important. That, of course demands a certain kind of dad.

2. Sixteen percent of USA population has IQ of 85 or lower. That restricts what can be learned and how they must be taught. Some is genetic connected. IQ is not static. EQ can be a dynamic life-enhancer.

3. Head Start was a disappointment. Those enrolled in the pre-school level had an early advantage, but by 4th or 5th grade it had disappeared. The non-academic by-products of Head Start were measured. The enrolled in Head Start were more apt to graduate, go on to college, not get pregnant and stay out of trouble. Studies say the reason is the socialization.

All of that is attainable and without great financial cost. All we need is families and leaders with a vision of and for the next generation.

D. Dean Benton dean@deanbenton.org

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