More at Stake

The 7 Mountain Mandate has an odd beginning. In 1975, two major leaders of youth movements were to meet for the first time. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and Loren Cunningham of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). On the night before their meeting, each man had received a message from God, both about the same subject. Bright was shown 7 Mind Molders and Cunningham was told about 7 spheres of influence. (Google this for more info)

Lance Wallnau picked up that thinking after a conversation with Cunningham—as I remember.
The spheres were listed as:

Business—including medical community
Entertainment—sports, movies, television, music

Wallnau draws seven mountains and says the people & movements that control the top of each mountain determines the narrative and influences, if not controls, culture and other mountains. The 7 Mountain Mandate has expanded and now has many leaders and distractors. The thinking behind this movement makes sense to me. The most fascinating element is Wallnau’s calling them mountains and nations. His suggestion is that Jesus’ command to “Disciple nations…” is about geo-political regions and these seven spheres of influence.

God told Abraham that he would “bless nations.” It was prophetic and a command.

I saw the picture and read the words of Robert DeNiro at the Tony Awards. He used the f….word twice to express his hatred for President Trump. His raised fists and his facial look was an expression of hatred. The audience of entertainers applauded and congratulated DeNiro.

Which influencers are molding the minds and dictating the narrative and attempting to solely control the actions of the other “Mountains”? Media and entertainment.

When we say that “The church” or “Education” is under attack, who is the attacker? Where did the money come from to fund the high school march?

The challenge is to influence or be the mind molders. I do not want Religion to control the six other spheres. Either Islam or Evangelicals. The commission to disciple nations includes running for political office. Look at the attack on those who carry a contrary message or interpretation. The attack is guttural, brutish and without restraint. Not many are willing to put family, reputation, and every piece of life on the line. God does work in government. He puts a Joseph in a powerful place. Note that Joseph was empowered because he was qualified.

South Korea is a bright example of Christians influencing business, education, government, ect. We met a Korean couple who talked about the prayer practices of the Korean church. They go to prayer at 4:00a.m.. The lady said, “When we hear about people who go to prayer at 5:00, we assume they are backslidden.” The comment was accompanied by laughter and indication of how seriously they pray.

God has imbedded each of us with purpose, mission and passion. Some of us are called leadership in one of the 7 Spheres. The consequences are horrendous if we refuse or neglect.

There are Americans who are hoping for a failure in the Korean conversation. Others are seriously desiring an USA economical collapse to drive Trump out of office. They are willing to sacrifice everything we treasure to destroy the people they hate.

There are reasons to pray for the Korean summit. There is much at stake. And hearing God’s voice calling you to discipling nations.

©2018 D. Dean Benton

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