Target: Middle School

I received a comment yesterday about a Benton Quest House blog in August, 2016—“What Is it About 4?”

The comment: “There is a great ministry in Texas called Academy 4, which provides mentoring and character coaching to 4th grade students.”

I appreciated the comments at the original blog publication. It is great to see a church which is specializing with 4th graders. They work in public schools.

The link to their website is:

Genesis says that God chose Abram because He knew Abram would teach his children. I’m sorry the Bible does not include the curriculum God expected Abram/Abraham to use. In my work in progress—Meanderings—I have included my view of what such a program might look like. Academy 4 shows what works for them.

I’ve been consulting with a church about focusing their mission on a niche that will include a stream of unchurched and under employed Jesus followers. How about 4th graders? Or 4-5-6—middle school—or 3-4-5. “Touch the head of a child and reach the heart of a family.”

Original Benton blog:

We are building a octagon-shaped building at SouthWood. There are education/seminar/experience rooms surrounding a performance center. Each room is constructed to equip a middle schooler to grow in specifics that touch their lives. The building is revealed in my 2018 book The Carafe Mission.

2018–The year of mission.
(c)2017 D. Dean Benton

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