Reaching for The Light

We’ve moved the plants indoors, off the porch into every warm room with a flat space. Carole stored a dozen of them in the guest room which also currently houses Christmas décor debris. I moved two into my office which has the ability to turn green things into brown.

I don’t know what kind of plant it is, but it is in a very large coffee cup shaped container. I will dump cold coffee remains in it. I placed it on level two of my work desk the last flat spot in front of one book shelf. Carole says it is a fern. I don’t know about that. Maybe that is what happens to ferns when watered with coffee.

It has been in the office about a week or ten days. It has sent multiple shoots about ten inches. It is reaching for the light. It is on a 4-5 foot journey across my desk, but it is jogging. I have never seen anything grow that rapidly. Carole says it is an outdoor plant and is used to an environment with lots of light.

Reaching for the light. Ah, I have found my mission statement!

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