Standing on the roof during a bombing raid

The political season bruised my soul. All the craziness ripped a lot of words out of me—it’s been like I didn’t want to add any more into the air. I am enjoying the cabinet selecting. A whole bunch of Iowa Democrats will be glad that Brandstad is going to China. They’ve been wanting to send him somewhere for a long time—I’ve heard the preferred destination. He has done a lot of work in China working for Iowa grain and meat producers. I would never have guessed that appointment, but it seems good.

I’ve been reading a bio of Winston Churchill. He would not have been a predictable appointment in many Brit’s minds. He went through long seasons when he was despised and isolated. Stalin received a delegation to Moscow led by Lady Astor. Stalin asked her about Churchill. She replied, “Churchill? Oh, he’s finished.” That was 1932.

“During the war years, he repeatedly inspired the British people with his nerve. His favorite place to wait out Nazi air raids was on the rooftops of government buildings.” The Character and Greatness of Winston Churchill, Stephen Mansfield, (Cumberland House, 1995)

On this Pearl Harbor Day, it is impossible to think what World War II would have been without Churchill. I shudder to think of it. What history would have missed had Lady Astor been right—“Oh, he’s finished.”

So, I thank God for leaders in the Greatest Generation and pray God will raise up such people of character and courage for our times.

Be safe and vigilant.

©2016 D. Dean Benton   DEAN@DEANBENTON.ORG

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