Time to throw down

Words I serendipitously read while waiting for my computer to update. From Kris Vallotton:

“…intercessors (can be) neutralized because they have believed a lie and therefore developed a core value that says, ‘Disaster breeds humility, and humility gives birth to repentance, which in turn fuels revival.” When we see the world through this lens, we stop praying for deliverance and pray for endurance instead. …how many times we have let the devil wreak havoc in our lives of those around us because we thought God was testing us.” (The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Kris Vallotton, Destiny Image Publishers, 2006).

That conversation tends to go in circles and can be an slippery trek. Thus far this morning, I have listened to John Eldredge talking about prayer. He said the same thing. My wife talked to me about this topic and these words from Vallotton. Carole reminded me that we don’t “throw down” and go after breakthrough as often as we should—as often as we are so empowered.

In my ebook HopePushers, I have a chapter called “Talk Me In Off the Ledge.” My point in that chapter is the importance of knowing what we are dealing with as we begin to intercede. Is this a test? Is it temptation? Is God attempting to teach me something?


When we determine what we are battling or surrendering to, we can more effectively pray.

We will use discernment and God’s direct word to our spirit to determine what is going on. A good place to use the regimen to hear God’s intent:





If you want a hard copy of the ebook, choose pdf and print it from your computer.


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