Honorable Fence Clearing

When John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were running against each other for the presidency, the Adams’ campaign put an ad in the paper: “Adams—God; Jefferson—no God.” That was one nasty ad among several.

It has been going on since the beginning of the republic. I am totally disgusted with it. I can’t believe that a grown man would publically trash someone’s momma. That is grounds for a thrashing! And I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Bush gets at it! I can’t imagine Jeb doing it, but what if he intentionally started trashing Mr. Trump’s mother? Or had no monitor on his use of vulgarity in the presence of a Trump daughter and/or wife?

A friend celebrated her mother on this the sixth anniversary of her home going: “Thanks, Mother, for the high standards you taught us, and for leading us in paths of righteousness.”

Bill Johnson is senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. That church has been a cutting edge church. He was asked last Sunday at the celebration of his 20th year as senior pastor what influences he brought to his leadership. He talked about his father who pastored during the influx of the Hippie era and the Jesus Movement. “He built a ‘culture of honor.’” Every person was honored. That culture does not always come without cost. At one point, the choice to honor everyone cost Bethel Church 1000 attendees in one week. Long run: the decision to honor drew many more than it cost.

“Honoring one another,” is what is lacking in this mud-slinging cage fight called an election. The culture of honor. I don’t know how the details work out in this political election madness, I just sense we have watched our society turn into a vicious habit of dishonor—in social media and the news. Our shattered society needs better.

There are candidates I wouldn’t want in my house, let alone the White House. Would they use those words when addressing my wife or talking about my family?

My primary concern is not about teaching politicians how to honor and be honorable. My concern is me building a culture of honor in my own sphere of influence.

Miss Linda gives us some guidance in sorting this out. Her mother exemplified and taught… “…high standards and leading in the paths of righteousness.” The more I have thought about this the broader and more intense the call to honoring, building high standards and teaching the path’s of righteousness by honoring God, honoring others and honoring self. I have witnessed the results of Linda’s mother’s demand for “high standards” which played out and paid off in excellence.

I want a level-headed person having access to the nuclear code and the red phone. I want a person who has a wide circle of wise counselors as the immigration policy is set. I want integrity and toughness in the Commander In Chief. But high on the scale is a person who is honorable and given to honoring.

Pope Francis said The Donald is not a Christian because Christians don’t build walls. I applauded when several of the other Republican candidates came to Mr. Trump’s defense. An honorable thing to do.

The Pope’s unfortunate timing—this being the opening of baseball spring training. Going to be some fence clearing.

©2016  D. Dean Benton—writer & wonderer


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