What we really want

Four years ago, I said the same thing: In Iowa, it is difficult to even find your way to the bathroom without stumbling over someone running for president.

This is a bizarre election cycle. From my writing desk I look directly to a bookcase containing books written by every president elected in the USA and a few who wanted to be, but weren’t. With all the anti-establishment rhetoric and alignment, I’m reminded of the Israelites movement rebellion. The scripture says that God gave them what they wanted, but sent with it “leanness of soul.” I’m concerned what we get won’t be what we need.

I haven’t decided who to vote for. I can find something to like in each candidate. In all of the anger, distrust and ranting against everything inside the Beltway, I think Americans want someone to believe in us. In one of my Winston Churchill books is this statement:

“If the English possessed the courage and determination he continually saw in them, it was because he had helped create it by the intensity of his belief in their qualities. They conceived a new idea of themselves. They went forward into battle transformed by his words.”

“They conceived a new idea of themselves.”

That is what a leader does—infuses courage and determination in the common person to excel beyond their doubt and fear. Which candidate(s) on the two stages not only can do that, but is predisposed to do it?

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