In his book, The Miracle of the Kurds, (Worthy Publishing, 2014) Stephen Mansfield tells the story of Ferhad, a 24-year old with a passion for technology, with an ability to broker deals. Ferhad spoke to Mansfield at length about listening to his father and brothers describing connections they needed to do business.

“He would listen carefully over dinners and then, the next day, he often arrived at the family business with the perfect client in tow. He had a gift. He knew it, and he intended to offer this gift to an international slate of clients. He could see it in his mind’s eye.”

Mansfield continues: “More than once he erupted…with a question about what connections I might need to be ‘even more a successful man, Mr. Mansfield. Think of it. An even more successful man.’” (Page 202)

Someone said every successful enterprise has included the work in response to “This is the life that I want.” In a word—CLARITY. That is why you do heavy-duty work on your Elevator Pitch. You clarify what you are about by putting into a 30-second presentation of exactly who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why they benefit and how. You will hand them your card describing where all this happens.

“What connections I might need.”

Who could you talk to that would help you take the next step? Most of us will be reluctant to consider this because we discount our value or dream. Someone said that “goals are dreams and visions in gym clothes.”

If God has a “future seeking to emerge,” He must also have a way to reveal that future to us. That future is available to those who “diligently seek Him.” Clarity is one of the personal workshops required.

If you know “This is the life that I want,” or if you have a glimpse of the alternative future you see, then determining what connection(s) would benefit.

What does it mean to “seek God?” Jesus said, “First, seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness….” First! Seeking God can/will be done at altars, at tables, in front of white boards covered with words and numbers. Who would you want to take with you to that altar? Who would you like to sit at your table? Who would you like to have writing on that white (chalk) board? That is the connection you need.

With no attached images or limitation, think “Connections I need” as you read Ephesians 4:11-13

©2015 D. Dean Benton—writer & wonderer

Twitter: @DeanBenton

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