Don’t feed the fear

One of the rules is “Don’t feed the fear.”

Dr. Caroline Leaf talks about the toxicity of seriousness. Our brains need laughter, fun, play and light as lubricant. The problem with loving CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and NPR is they keep my brain on constant vigilance and my adrenal gland pumping at warp speed.

How does one not “feed the fear” with hours or days of listening or watching the graphic news about terrorist attacks? (Film at 11.)

I have met refugees from the camps of 450,000 residents. The ones we met are unique in that their manners were shaped by British caregivers (afternoon tea) and they gave their lives to follow Jesus. Some of them, however, are scarred by the experience that led to the camps and the months and years in those camps. Not all of them are safe. There are some I wouldn’t rent a room to!

Before you make a major decision about inviting Syrian refugees to camp in your backyard, please read the article from The Atlantic entitled “What Isis Really Wants.” (available online)

Democracy invites conversation and debate. We do not come to truth by debate. Truth is! It does not depend upon contrasting voices. We do come to an understanding of the truth as we talk and debate. We are hearing both Republicans and Democrats and the rest of the political spectrum demanding everyone else just shut up—stop “popping off.” Adult debate—conversation about the right thing to do—does not equate to tossing grenades or launching verbal missiles at each other. Nor does the refusal to talk make sense.

“What you are saying borders on insanity—keep talking to me.”

The inflexibility and absolutism of paradigms—an inability to even consider anything beyond our adopted paradigm even though all the evidence calls for an alternative explanation—is never as apparent as during political campaigns and when we are frightened by the unknown or have every reason to be afraid.
We don’t need a


Leaders win few followers with contempt, sarcasm, belittlement.
The “refugee” situation is worthy of civil and deeply studied conversation with no reference to polls, ambition or elections.
I’ve been thinking about Caleb. (Joshua 14) Whatever practice he used to not be controlled by his fear, it worked when he was 40 and was still working when he was 85. He and Joshua saw possibilities when their comrades were terrorized. As it turned out….

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