Your I’m Possible Life

Our Elevator Pitch

Turning Your Impossible to I’m Possible

What we’ve been doing

  • Teaching the value of story and your story in particular
  • We listen to people’s stories.
  • We build an welcoming environment: Crash site, Open door, Launch pad
  • We help identify how our stories have formed and impacted our lives
  • Healing—deliverance from and removal of barriers to your I’m Possible Life
  • Equip by introducing resources and skills to produce emotionally healthy spirituality

Who benefits from what we do

  • Those seeking solutions. Those questing for resources, skills and empowerment to live The I’m possible Life.
  • Care-givers and soul-tenders of those who have not begun to seek solutions.
  • The Quest House Tribe—finding the community you’ve always wanted

How we do what we do

  • Write and Publish. Dean and Carole have published over 30 traditional and ebooks.
  • Blog
  • Public speaking
  • Onsite seminars
  • Quest House—Interaction with ideas that shape our thinking, change our lives and teach us how to follow Jesus and fulfill our calling.
  • Face-to-face small group interactive conversation

Where we do what we do

  • Online—Benton Quest House
  • Pulpits
  • Selected venues such as clubs
  • Seminar rooms
  • Weekend Fresh Blend Conferences

Your Next Step to the I’m Possible Life

Copyright 2015 D. Dean Benton    website being renovated

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