Shorthand Praying

My prayers have recently clustered around three acronyms.

WIGO—What is going on?

I have been known to ask, “What the hell is going on, here?” At times that is not a prayer; it is a statement of bewilderment or anger. Sometimes, it is a request to know what demon or dark spirit is currently active in my environment. I think our world is currently being set upon by a demonic plan. What spirit is the architect? The Holy Spirit knows! He can direct me in my prayers.

I also have a habit of asking, “What in God’s holy Name is going on?” Depending on the tone, my family knows it’s time to take the dog for a walk or join me in prayer. I expect an answer when I ask those questions. I want to know whether to rebuke and armor-up or join God who is doing something. God’s work often begins with discomfort which feels more like the former than the latter. I have a column in my prayer journal to write down what I hear in response.

WSID—What should I do?

We (family) have come into new information about health and healing. New information tends to look bizarre and sound crazy because it is outside the realm of the current norm. Did this information come to us at this specific time for a specific reason? Lord, what should I do about this?

Two or three weeks ago, I was thinking about acquaintances we haven’t seen for 3-4 decades. We received a post last week. Last week I was thinking about a couple in whose home we have stayed, whose family we have ministered to and whose stories are in a couple of my books. We haven’t had contact with them since they moved in @2000. They called Sunday. Lord, what do you want me to do in response?

There is another acronym that is attached to this one: WSIK? What should I know? This is a request for the gift of knowledge—either through personal revelation or information that comes to me from an external source. Knowing what to do often, but not always, is helped by having pertinent information. I don’t always get an answer!!! Which is not only frustrating, it is bewildering and a bunch of negative stuff—like self-doubt. Self-doubt is not helpful in faith building.

The “new” information apparently is new only to me. We were led into knowledge about it. The cautionary lights came on. I was directed to ask and to research it. We have knowledge and guidance. The information we have can be used wisely because we prayed, “What should I know about this?”

HCIH—How can I help?

Borrowing an Andy Stanley question—What does love require of me? As I pray through my family, my tribe, those to whom I have been assigned and others who are in crisis or the “deep weeds” I speak their names with the question ever in front of me. How can I be of value to this person?

Does He answer?

I got the hose outside last week. The connection needs a new washer. I can see the end of the spray nozzle from the treadmill. Drip by drip the water came out. Because of the sun’s angle, it caught the drip as it appeared and hung there. It looks like the water ignites for a moment and then explodes as it falls to the grass. Quite a sight! Perhaps as I speak the name and ask my questions the Heavenly Igniter does something brilliant that is beyond what I see. He does! or I wouldn’t bother to pray.

©2015 D. Dean Benton

The book Caught in the Tail Lights has been taken down so I can rewrite sections of it. It will be republished after a visit to the editor. It is a stronger book.

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