Movin’ On In

Swinging in the sub-zero wind outside our living room window is a little white bird house with a copper colored roof. The winter sun comes in that window. I can catch warm rays when sitting there. That bird house is a sad reminder. Last spring a pair of birds worked for weeks getting that house ready. The song of the male bird brightened the neighborhood. Every time he would carry a stick or log into the house, he would sit on a branch to announce his accomplishment. I watched him struggle to get some of those branches through the narrow doorway. Then the birds disappeared.

I cautiously and reluctantly cleared the bird house at the beginning of winter. I wondered if I would find unhatched eggs or empty eggs, perhaps carcasses of chicks that didn’t make it. All I found were twigs, branches and usual items birds use to set up housekeeping.

The birds got their home ready, but never moved in.

I enjoy the warm sun rays coming in that large window, but the sadness of that bird house is large and troubling.

For several weeks, I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ message about the Kingdom. It was His primary message. All of his stories were to explain and invite us to the Kingdom.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…” Matthew 6:33.

It is possible to have a relationship with Jesus and not fully “move” into the Kingdom.

©2015 D. Dean Benton –

Two new ebooks pending. Caught In The Tail Lights—dealing with parental divorce and Turn Back The Tirade—anger healing and management.

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