Standing in front of the dryer

One of my favorite teenagers asked, “Mom, do you ever stand in front of the dryer and want to just cry because you can’t find clean jammies?” The momma said there were two pairs of clean jammies but the girl couldn’t find them because she was in overwhelm mode.

Apostle Paul writes in Galatians 6:9—“Do not grow weary in well-doing for we shall reap if we faint not.” He repeats that admonition in 2 Thessalonians 3:11-13. He engages in circular arguing—it is the “fainting” that we are concerned about. It sounds like the gnarly, tough traveler holds out the reward—“not fainting” a surety if we just don’t faint.

I’ve been standing in front of the dryer in recent days. Some of my friends and family are tired—just flat worn out in the struggle. Can’t find the jammies. Overwhelm mode is the new normal—at least for now.

It is common knowledge that the only way to get out of writer’s block is to write. If a writer is interested in writing out of a deep well, then it is important to read and listen and interact to keep the well filling. Some of the best communication comes when our well is low. Watchman Nee says that we are touched spirit to spirit and then only when our spirit is broken. But it is in the diligence of filling the well that makes the trickle refreshing to someone.

The Tuesday segment of our tribe talked briefly about the toxins that wear us down and the ways and means to deal with the wearies. I wasn’t finished listening or talking about that this morning as I stood in front of the dryer. One of my morning voices asked, “What brings you life?” For me, it is a combination of words, music, interaction. So I put Cynthia Clawson on to be background music to my work. Cynthia Clawson is not elevator music! So two hours later, I was deep into her message and music and feeling warmed by the sounds.

I am taken by the person and artistry of Cynthia Clawson. She hits notes right in the middle and sells a song in a natural and alluring way. She pulls the listener in. Just watch and listen to her on youtube (’t_rain_always_by_cynthia_clawson/)

I like to watch the people in the singer’s circle at the Gaither Videos. Magic and secrets are sometimes captured as they listen. That is especially true when Ms. Clawson sings “It Won’t Rain Always.” The listeners are veterans (tough audience!) and they are listening to precision and hearing sounds and phrases that are not only on perfect pitch, but credible. After you listen, go to “Cynthia Clawson interviews.” It will give you a clue where the “credible” comes from.

What brings you life? To what source do you go when you are weary—not to the bone—but to the soul? Today, I put on and let it play through Cynthia’s album “River of Memories.” Tribe members gave me gifts of written words and conversation. They are soul tenders.

Guard your heart—Tend your soul today.

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