Your Bean Field

This statement grabbed me like a bear going after a salmon.

“David now realized why the Lord had made him king and why he made his kingdom so great; it was for a special reason—to give joy to God’s people!” (1 Chronicles 14:2 TLB).

To give joy to God’s people is quite an assignment.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about birds moving into a little house outside our living room window. Our extended family marveled at those little birds carrying sticks twice their size and twirling them like batons to get them through the house entrance. After getting the stick placed, the bird would step out onto the branch and sing a full-throated song. The melody was a variation of “Movin’ On Up.”

Then the birds disappeared. For a week we watched the little house and asked each other about sightings. We talked about the possibilities: Maybe they face planted on a windshield or were ambushed by a cat. I suggested the hummingbird feeder just a few inches from the bird house front door was a threat. We even wondered if they decided they didn’t like the neighborhood, or us watching their every move. The song is so lush, we grieved the loss.

They’re back! Yesterday, at least one of the birds was back at work carrying lumber into the house. Where have they been? Is this just their summer cottage—a beach house overlooking Carole’s small, mobile vegetable garden? 

I really like that song.

“Building the I’m Possible! Life” includes understanding what your skill set and style is. Your “brand” is what images and thoughts come to people when they think of you. Read that episode again. David has a revelation. “Aha! I get it! I know what I’m here for! I am wearing this crown to bring joy to God’s people.

What skill sets do those birds need?

On my planner for today is a note to blog about David’s Men of Valor. Tomorrow I planned to talk to you about a field of lentils and one Man of Valor who grew tired of the Philistines stealing the harvested legumes from that field year after year. So, he planted himself in the middle of the field and fought off the marauders. Yesterday, the preacher preached on that story. (2 Samuel 23:11) My tribe is still talking about that field of bean sermon. Rattled me because how often does that happen and, apart from the crowd, what is God trying to tell me?

To understand what skill set you need, you have to know in which bean field you are to plant yourself.

I’ve been re-reading One Big Thing by Phil Cooke. The sub-title is “Discovering What You Were Born To Do.” (©2012 Thomas Nelson.) It is the most helpful and practical resource on purpose, calling, assignment I’ve worked through recently—therefore helpful as to what skill-set we need to develop.

I would like to do a mini-mester about that bean field here at the cyber Quest House. We would read a chapter and interact about the subject. Interested in participating?

D. Dean Benton

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