Resurrection Party

We didn’t go to church this morning. We went to a resurrection party! The preacher read a few verses from John and took his place on the front row. The worship team got the cue. During the first song, they were singing words faster than I have ever heard. They didn’t clap on the 2nd & 4th beats. They clapped on every beat and sang words in places I cannot describe. I can’t imagine what that looks like on paper—if possible to score. Into the fourth song, I thought to myself—if they are at this level before they talk about crucifixion, this place is going to come apart at the resurrection announcement.

Then the worship team/choir sang, The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power. And they sang “Never!” on the third beat—I think. NEVER!! After the song, there was a split second of silence and a lady one row in front of us just to the left, began to say “NEVER!” I knew this was not programmed. And she didn’t stop. Never! Never! Never! I began to discern she was fighting for something or someone and declaring to her oppressor or the whole spirit world. The blood of Jesus will never lose its power. It felt to me that a battle was won.

The worship team waited. She was quiet in about 30 seconds. Hallelujah. Never!

I think we sat in the right place this morning.

Two teenage young men in front of us. I thought they were resisting the message. They were at least skeptical. They were not rude or rowdy. Arms folded. The pastor preached and gave an altar call. Those two teens—about 15-17 years old—went forward to make some commitment to Jesus. We watched as a large man put his hands on the back of their heads and pulled them to himself and prayed for them. As they cried. Cried!

Then the kid in front of me—maybe 8—pushed past the lady he was with and went forward. The boy was as dressed up as much as  the two teens were not. The lady hugged him and kissed him on top of the head when he returned to his seat. I could feel resurrection power.

Resurrection Sunday. Party time!

 We haven’t talked to the pastor for several weeks. His 21 year old son arrived home from college for Christmas break on Friday, went into the hospital and died  the following Monday. We greeted him before second service today. Carole reminded him that we have been praying for his family. Pastor said, “Yesterday would have been his birthday.”

I kept thinking all morning that Pastor has a lot riding on this day. He did not preach from the cheap seats today.

Jesus says—“Because I live, you shall live also.”

I watched an ESPN story yesterday about a lady whose life is known by the world and her hurt is still raging twenty years after her highly visible failure. Revisiting her story brought great heaviness to my soul. If, “the blood reaches to the highest mountain and reaches to the lowest valley,” will it reach into her heart? Can the resurrection power bring life to that lady? I call it forth.

 Happy Resurrection Day! Happy resurrection life.

 ©D. Dean Benton

Benton Quest House

1 thought on “Resurrection Party

  1. Mom’s pastor–I was visiting–told how he had just returned from Israel. He was baptizing members of his traveling party when a lady from another country–he thought she sounded Russian–indicated she also wanted to be baptized. She was bouncing up and down in the water in anticipation. He had no idea if she understood what was going on or not, but her enthusiasm blessed the whole group. How wonderful to be so far into the celebration that others join in and then ask why. I want to think that she knew.

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